Here’s a step by step on how to configure CloudProxy if you use cPanel:

Add your website’s domain name at Sucuri CloudProxy, choose a location and then click on add site CloudProxy with GoDaddy

After the site has been added, you will be able to see the “General Settings” for this site in CloudProxy. In there, click on the “internal domain” link to see if your site shows up. If it does, everything is good to go.

Then, copy the “Firewall IP address”. You will need to use it in the following steps.

CloudProxy with GoDaddy

Now, just log in to your cPanel account and under the Domains section click on Advanced DNS Zone Editor 


If you only have Simple DNS Zone Editor available, contact your provider to assist you with the changes

Under Zone File Records locate your domain entry (example: and click on Edit. Change the IP address to the Firewall IP address you copied from your Sucuri dashboard and click on Edit Record.

Then, locate the sub domain If it is not a CNAME record pointing to you need to click Edit and point to the same IP of the previous step.

If you have any other records that are CNAME to, like, you have to remove those records and re-add them as type A pointing to your hosting IP


If your www record is not a CNAME to, you have to change the IP as you did earlier.

At the end, after all the changes have been made, this is what it should look like:


And that’s it! These changes will take around one hour to propagate and after it’s been done, your site’s traffic will be going through our servers :)

If you prefer, we can do this for you! Just open a ticket here and make sure to include your hosting cpanel user/pass.