Brute force - directory guessing - attacks are very common against web sites and web servers. They are used to find hidden and offently forgotten directories or folders on a site and use that to try to compromise it.

Directory Guessing Targets

Attackers generally focus on directories (folders) that can contain outdated or insecure software. These are the top directories we see being scanned:

  1. /phpmyadmin (or /phpmyadmin-versionnumber)
  2. /demo/
  3. /test/
  4. /joomla/
  5. /wordpress/

Directory Guessing Protection

A directory guessing attack is often very noisy and generates thousands of 404 (not found) errors on the logs. If you monitor and watch your logs, you should be able to identify them pretty easily and block the attacker IP Address.

Any client using CloudProxy is already automatically protected. We ban an IP address that generates too many 404 ( not found errors) within a small period of time.