Ezoic is an artificial intelligence platform for publishers, whose primary recommended integration is changing the name servers of your domain and letting them proxy all requests of your website. Although there is nothing wrong with that integration, using this method when Sucuri Firewall is in place will decrease the WAF's DDoS protection efficiency and can cause session issues due to visitor IP mismatch.

Instead of using their name servers, we recommend using their Code Snippet integration:

1) Go to Ezoic's Settings and click on "Manage" button of Integration box.

Ezoic Settings

2) Click on the "Get Code" button to get their script integration.

Ezoic Script

3) Add the script in your website <header> just like you are used to do for Google Analytic and similar.

You don't need to change the External CDN setting, you now have all the benefits of Ezoic excellent services and of our Firewall without downsides.