Non-Cache URLs

If you want to disable caching on specific files or directories, there's an easy way to do it without having to disable the entire cache.

Go to the Sucuri Firewall Dashboard and click Performance -> Non-Cache URLs. There, just add the full address of the directory or files you want to avoid caching and click the Add URL button.

Cache Exceptions

This feature will work with any existing caching mode.

URL Query String Caching Rules

The Sucuri Firewall can also be configured to ignore URL query strings ( when caching, only the URI will be cached. While this can increase site performance, it can also break site functionality like thumbnail generators. We recommend you keep this setting Enabled unless you are sure. To configure query string caching click Performance -> URL Query String Rules

Cache Query String

We have special caching rules for images, .css, .js, .pdf, .txt, .mp3 and a few more extensions that are stored on our “edge”. The only way to flush (clear) the cache for these is by clearing Sucuri Firewall’s cache

Due to our caching of JS and CSS files, often, as is best practice, the use of versioning during development will ensure updates going live as expected. This is done by adding a query string such as "?ver=123.1" and incrementing (such as ?ver=123.2) on each update.

Developer Mode

Please check this article to know more about this feature.