Blocking Top Three Attack Countries

The majority of website attacks come from specific countries, such as China, Russia and Turkey. Although we have nothing against those countries, the Sucuri firewall gives you the option of blocking them from interacting with your site.

If you enable this option, IPs from these countries will still able to view all content, but they will not be able to register, submit comments, or attempt to login. So, it’s basically a read-only mode.

  1. Click here to go to the Advanced Security Options settings.

  2. Check the box next to the Block anonymous proxies and the top three attack countries option and click on Proceed.


And that’s it!

Geo Blocking

If you want to choose which countries you’d like to block from accessing your site, we also give you this option under Geo Blocking on your Sucuri firewall security settings.

There are two options there: View and Post


Any visitors from the countries you select under viewing won’t even be able to see your site.

Any visitors from the countries you select under posting will only be able to see the contents of your site, but they will not be allowed to post, register, buy, or comment.