Server Side Scanning

In our regular clean up/monitoring plans, we run remote scans every 3-6 hours on sites that are being monitored. These scans are very efficient but they can only check your site remotely.

Since a lot of website attacks come from compromised servers and server level infections, we came up with a Server Side Scanner.

This scan is an extension to our remote malware/blacklist scan and it runs once a day. It verifies every single file on your site, looking for backdoors, phishing and any other security issue that our remote scanner could miss.

It also tracks file changes, giving you an audit trail of any change that happens on your files.

You can enable Server Side Scanning for no extra cost. It is not required, but we recommend all our users to enable it whenever possible.

Enabling is very easy, just follow these steps.

If you have any questions just open a ticket.