Sucuri's Monitoring solution provides all the pieces you need to properly watch over the security of your website. It includes multiple scanners that combined can cover all aspects of your website security monitoring:

  • DNS Scanner
  • Whois Scanner
  • SSL Scanner
  • Website Malware Scanner
  • Website IOC Scanner
  • Website SPAM Scanner
  • Website Blacklisting Detector
  • Website Uptime Monitoring
  • Website Server Side Scanner

Website Security Monitoring

All those pieces together makes the core of our technology to help provide an early warning system in case your site ever gets compromised. They basically look for multiple indicators of compromise, which includes malware, drive by downloads, SPAM SEO, Defacement, malicious redirects, conditional malware, etc.

Our Server side scanners complements it all providing a File integrity monitor (FIM) to also watch your files for changes.

Sucuri Incident Response

In case our monitors ever find any issue on your site, please contact our Incident Response group through our support domain ( by clicking on malware removal request. They will remediate the issue for you or help you along the way.